Lions International District 4-L5

LIONS District 4-L5
San Bernardino and
Riverside County

World Services for the Blind

World Services for the Blind

This is a District 4-L5 endorsed project.

World Services for the Blind promotes and encourages education and rehabilitation training for people who are blind or visually impaired. WSB is a non-profit corporation, incorporated in the State of Arkansas. The mission of LWSB is "to enable people who are blind or visually impaired to function independently and to live full, productive lives with dignity and self-respect, as well as to promote a positive public awareness of blindness." The institution provides comprehensive rehabilitation services that include counseling, personal adjustment training, vocational evaluation and vocational training. Students from all over the world receive personal adjustments skills and job training instruction needed to live a normal and productive life.

WSB works miracles by providing a "New Life." People come to the center afraid, frustrated, angry and depressed. Clients gradually grow in confidence and skills blossoming into a self-assured, confident person ready to take their place in the mainstream of society. Basically, when a person graduates from WSB he or she is adjusted emotionally, prepared to live and travel independently, and aspiring to succeed in career opportunities. WSB is an MD-4 endorsed Project.

If you have questions or wish to have a speaker for your meeting please contact:
PDG Kenneth Reed (Georgia)
Phone: 951-306-9650
Member: PDG William "Bill" Windham R: 951-927-8669
                Phil Burch C: 951-282-5621