Lions International District 4-L5

LIONS District 4-L5
San Bernardino and
Riverside County

Special Awards for All District 4-L5
Clubs and Individuals
2015 - 2016

This contest will run from April 1, 2015 through March 31, 2016. Six awards will be given. Two for each category size club (Top Club and Honorable Mention). A seventh award will be given to the most outstanding club in District 4-L5 based on the activity of the club in the areas reported on the District Supplemental Report.

The club size category in which each club will compete will be based on their membership effective June 30, 2015 as reported to Lions Clubs International.

All clubs are automatically entered, provided that the Club Secretary sends a copy of the International MMR and District Supplemental Report to the District Governor and to the Special Awards Chairperson Irene Morales.

Club Categories are:
Category A 1 - 20 members
Category B 21 - 35 members
Category C 36 or more members

Points will be Awarded as Follows:
Same amount of points for each club category

1.Membership Points
(Not affected by death or transfer out)
Each new or reinstated member200
Each member transferred in100
Each member dropped-200
Each club with a net gain of five (5) members200
Each club with a net retention of beginning of the year membership200
Each club with increase of 5% in a month200
Monthly International A-1 form filed50
2.New Member Training
Recruitment Session100
Orientation for New Members100
Prompt Inductions within 60 days5
Open House Program250
3.Membership Awards
Each Proud Lion Award earned50
Each Proud Lion Sponsor Award earned50
Each Key Award presented50
District and International50
4.Programs at Club Meetings
District 4-L5 Lions Projects50
Endorsed MD4 Lions Projects100
Outside organizations50
5.Club Bulletin Issued this Month50
(Copy must be sent to District Governor, 1st & 2nd Vice District Governor, Cabinet Secretary, Region Chairperson, Zone Chairperson, and Public Relations Chairperson and Special Award Chairperson)
6.Club Brochure250
(Send copy of brochure to District Governor, 1st & 2nd Vice District Governor, Cabinet Secretary, Region Chairperson, Zone Chairperson and Special Award Chairperson)
7.Club Website (Once per year reported)250
8.Club Visitations
Per visitation - 10% of club membership must have attended50
Reported visits of individual Lions, not for club visitation credit20
9.Public Relations Articles
(Newspaper, magazine, TV,or radio - per each attached to Supplemental report, Club name, and/or Lions Name highlighted in articles.)
Copies sent to Special Awards and Public Relations Chair200
10.Community Service Project Building Provider
(Uses of clubhouse one time per year)100
11.Community Service Projects
0-10 hours50
11-30 hours100
31 or more hours150
12.Special Lions Project
Once per year reported.
Puppy Raisers200
Service Dogs200
13.Fund-Raising Projects
0-25 hours50
26-50 hours100
51 or more hours150
14.Charitable Donations30
Donations of funds or goods to other than a Lions Project by your Club (not individual donations)
15.District Outreach Activities
Mark each donation only once per year.
California Lions Friends in Sight200
Canine Companions for Independence50
City of Hope50
Diabetes Awareness50
District 4-L5 Disaster Fund50
Flag Day50
Guide Dogs of the Desert50
Hearing Foundation50
Leo Club50
Lioness Club50
Lions in Sight50
MD-4 Youth Exchange Foundation50
Rose Parade Float50
Scholarships (each)50
Student Speaker Contest (Club)50
Student Speaker Foundation50
Sight and Hearing Foundation of Southern California50
Teresita Pines50
Youth Exchange: Sponsor student (per student)50
Youth Exchange: Host student (per student)50
World Services for the Blind50
16.Activities Supporting Other Lions Clubs
(Per member attending-provide date of project on supplement form)
Events within District 4-L5200
Events outside District 4-L5300
17.Governor's Project
(One point for every dollar donated)
18.Host Zone, Region or Lions District Meeting
(Co-hosting also gets same points as host- provide date on supplement form)
Zone Meeting100
Region Meeting75
District Meeting (Each club actively participating as determined by the Region Chair.)50
19.Attendance at Convention and Special Seminars
(District 4-L5 Convention, MD-4 Convention, International Convention, USA/Canada Forum, MD-4 Leadership Seminar, GMT/GLT Training, Cabinet Installation, Zone, Region, and Lions District Meetings)
Other members150
20.International and MD-4 Dues and Billings Payments
(Paid within 30 days of billing date- fill in information on supplement form)
Fill in information on District Supplemental form100
Paid Supplies50
21.Sponsor New Lions Club500
22.Sponsor New BRANCH Club500
23.Sponsor New LEO Club500
24.Sponsor New Lioness Club200
25.Monthly WMMR and SDR Filed on Time
Electronic filing must be made by the last day of the month.100
MMR & SDR postmarked by the 20th day of the month.50
PU 101 Submitted to VDG by April 15th
(Supplemental form filled out completely- per pair)
Eyeglasses Collected - Used (per pair up to 25% of total)1
Eyeglasses Collected - New (per pair)50
Recycle Center Volunteer (per person)50
27.Hearing Aids and Cell Phone Collection
Used - per hearing aid donation50
New - per hearing aid donation100
Used - per cell phone50
28.District Cabinet/Committee
Each official position (credit given one time per year)50
District Governor100
Vice Governor100
Cabinet Secretary75
Cabinet Treasurer75
Cabinet/Committee Members50
29.MMR Report
Complete totals on MMR Report Form20