Lions International District 4-L5

LIONS District 4-L5
San Bernardino and
Riverside County

Questions Concerning Awards

The Lions serving on the Awards Committee take their responsibility very seriously. Nevertheless, there may be times when a Club or individual Lion questions the judgement used in the award.

To help insure a prompt and fair answer to all questions, the following procedures shall be followed:

  1. All Committee Chairpersons or other Lions involved in giving awards shall keep all documentation through their terms of office showing how their decisions were reached.
  2. Any Club or individual Lion questioning an award shall notify the Governor, in writing, within one week of the award presentation. The District Governor shall appoint a committee to review the matter within one week of its receipt.
  3. The Committee shall, within two weeks of receiving the referral, examine the award documentation and any other relevant information and issue a written recommendation to the District Governor.
  4. The District Governor shall, within one week of receiving the Committee's recommendation, issue a written reply to all concerned. the District Governor'ss reply shall be the definitive answer to the original question concerning the award.