Lions International District 4-L5

LIONS District 4-L5
San Bernardino and
Riverside County

Club Newsletter Contest

Your Lions Club Newsletter is an important source of communication for your club members. A good newsletter not only informs, it can also inspire pride, increase committment and further the understanding of Lionism and its goals.

Please accept the Public relations Committee's invitation to submit your Lions Club Newsletter for consideration in our District contest. The contest runs from July 1 through March 31.

All issues of your newsletter must be mailed or emailed to the District 4-L5 Public Relations Chairperson, District Governor, Vice District Governors, Cabinet Secretary, Lions PRIDE Editor, and your Region and Zone Chairpersons. The mailing must be at the time of issue–not at the end of the contest year.

Judging will be based on the 1,000 point system. The information indicated by an asterisk (*) must be included in every newsletter.

Points     Item
70 *Program announcements
40 *Personal Items concerning club members
40 *Announcement of the date, day, time and place of club meetings
30 *Name of Club, address including city and state
40 *Name, address and phone numbers of President and Secretary (Include other officers and committee chairpersons as may be appropriate)
70 Results of Board of Directors meetings
70 *A list of upcoming events (Club, Zone, Region, District 4-L5, MD-4, International).
30 *Articles regarding Lions Orientation or Retention
60 Masthead with newsletter name, editor's name, address, phone number, and date of issue.
60 Articles concerning Lions Clubs International, MD-4 and/or 4-L5
90 Overall legibility, neatness and attractive appearance
30 Style of writing
40 Editorials
70 Summary of last club meeting
70 Mention of club activities
70 Committee reports
40 Humor (jokes, amusing incidents about members)
20 Convenient size
40 Regularity of issue, including timeliness of issue mailing
20 Illustrations or photos
1,000 Total Points

Awards will be presented at the District 4-L5 Convention for three categories: Best Monthly, Best Bi-Monthly, and Best Overall Newsletter.