Lions International District 4-L5

LIONS District 4-L5
San Bernardino and
Riverside County

Individual Long Tail Award

The Individual Long Tail Award will be awarded to any Lion who visits all Clubs in District 4-L5. No time limit is placed on this award. Individual Lions must have a visitation sheet signed and dated by the visited Club Secretary at the time they visit each Club. Once all clubs have been visited, the visitation sheet(s) should be given to the Special Awards Chairperson. Pins showing the order of completion will be presented to the recipient at the District Cabinet meeting following completion, or at the District 4-L5 Convention. Visitations for this award must be made at a regular meeting of the visited club.

Individual Long Tail Award Recipients

1.Bob Toon1999-2000 23.Sue Cobbe2003-2004
2.Bill Barreto1999-2000 24.Lynn Emerson2003-2004
3.Doretta Theis1999-2000 25.Mitzi Mendoza2005-2006
4.Jan McAlister1999-2000 26.Rob Rassmussen2005-2006
5.John Bodnar2000-2001 27.Barbara Haas2005-2006
6.Carl Decker2000-2001 28.Tim Mendoza2005-2006
7.Cathy Shine2000-2001 29.Jim Ward2005-2006
8.Dottie Allen2001-2002 30.Carl Decker, PDG2005-2006
9.Hugh Grant2001-2002 31.June Decker, PDG2005-2006
10.Sheila McDougall2002-2003 32.Shirley Nelson2005-2006
11.Robert Shine2002-2003 33.Mary K. Hartman2006-2007
12.Mary Jane Bodnar2002-2003 34.Paul Bisnett2006-2007
13.Beth Snook2002-2003 35.Bob Niez2008-2009
14.Jerry Snook2002-2003 36.Bob Toon2008-2009
15.Bill Howard2002-2003 37.Olivia Sedlick2009-2010
16.Karen Howard2002-2003 38.Richard Terrones2010-2011
17.Bill Windham2002-2003 39.Daniel Ogaz2010-2011
18.Bonnie Dubois2002-2003 40.Carl Drucke2010-2011
19.Joe Dubois2002-2003 41.Tom McCracken2011-2012
20.Boyce Braswell2002-2003 42.Kathy Ogaz2011-2012
21.Herman Braswell2002-2003 43.Barry Richlin2012-2013
22.Elaine Gibson2002-2003 44.Carol Richlin2012-2013