Lions International District 4-L5

LIONS District 4-L5
San Bernardino and
Riverside County

Inter-Club Activities

The practice of "borrowing" another Lions Club's paraphernalia shall be regulated in accordance with the following rules:

Rule 1:      Paraphernalia referred to above shall be limited to the Club Bell and/or Club Gavel. Once such items are in the hands of the "borrower" it shall be considered the "borrowing Club's possession," without contest, until retrieved in accordance with Rule 6, below. The Club Bell and/or Club Gavel should in no way be fastened to any person or material, making it impossible to "borrow."

Rule 1(A):  Any Lions Club that "borrows" a Club Bell and/or Club Gavel shall return the "borrowed" paraphernalia in the same condition as when it was "borrowed". This means NO ENGRAVING without the owning Lions Club's written permission.

Rule 2:      No other paraphernalia shall be "borrowed."

Rule 3:      No paraphernalia shall be taken at any time other than during a regular meeting of the home Lions Club, while the meeting is in session. For the purpose of this rule, a regular meeting of the Lions Club does not include occasional functions such as Spouse (SPSO) Night, Charter Night, Zone, Region or District Meetings, or Official Governor's Visitation.

Rule 4:      Any Lions Club "borrowing" paraphernalia shall notify the losing Lions Club of the whereabouts of said paraphernalia within ten (10) days of the date of "borrowing."

Rule 5:      No cash shall be required to redeem "borrowed" paraphernalia. A Visitation (Club) is the purpose of the borrowing.

Rule 6:      If the losing Lions Club shall visit the "borrowing" Lions Club during an Official Visitation, the paraphernalia shall be returned at that time. The losing Lions club, in order to retrieve paraphernalia, should have the required number of members for a regular Club Visitation.

Rule 7:      No force shall ever be used to retrieve "borrowed" paraphernalia at the time of confiscation. Once the "borrowing" Lion puts their hand on the paraphernalia, which is left unattended, it is theirs.